The activity services

Asset protection.

The client’s need to protect their assets or plan it for the pursuit of purposes, the satisfaction of the needs of the family or other subjects, is satisfied by providing preventive consultancy and the drafting of trust deeds. used for the generational handover of companies, for planning the lives of people suffering from serious pathologies for the period in which the family member is no longer able to take care of them “so-called. After us”, (trust on after us pursuant to Law 112/2016), for the settlement of debts in the context of corporate crises (liquidator trusts), for the planning of family life (family trust), for the pursuit of goals, including philanthropic ones (purpose trusts).

The protection of assets also involves defense before the judicial authority to resist claims from third parties or to assert one’s own impaired rights against third parties.

Sports law

The lawyer Roberto Delli Passeri also provides consultancy and assistance in the sports field, defending athletes, clubs and sports associations before the internal federal judicial authorities (Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal. Board of Guarantee) of the various sports disciplines. The professional activity is also provided during the drafting of employment contracts, sponsorship, merchandising, marketing and licensing.

The law of art

Over the years, the art market has aroused growing interest among enthusiasts of the work of art but also among those who see it as an investment tool that can be transmitted over time.

This increase requires a continuous comparison of the various operators in the art market with the constantly evolving sector regulations and, in this context, the lawyer. Roberto Delli Passeri provides assistance and consultancy in the circulation of works of art, in the management and implementation of events and demonstrations as well as in the protection of the artist.


Banking Law

The European and national regulatory evolution has captured the attention of companies and individuals who turn to financial institutions to request financing or who have ongoing relationships with banking institutions.

In this context the lawyer. Roberto Delli Passeri carries out his professional activity through preventive consultancy to individuals and companies dealing with problems relating to bank current accounts, current account credit openings, subsidized financing, mortgages, derivative investments, investment funds.

Assistance in international trade

Italian companies that also operate on foreign markets need to protect their businesses from risks that jeopardize the success of the commercial operation. In this perspective, the lawyer. Roberto Delli Passeri provides consultancy to companies in the drafting of international commercial contracts such as distribution contracts, franchising, patent licensing, know-how, sales, escrow agreements, in light of the most recent updates that allow the customer to be safeguarded.

The professional takes care of debt collection within the European Union and assists his clients in national and international arbitrations.

The lawyer Roberto Delli Passeri also provides legal advice and assistance on personality rights and their protection both nationally and internationally before supranational jurisdictions (European Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights).