Law Firm

Law Firm lawyer Roberto Delli Passeri started its activities in 2002 with the objective to carry it out, limited to certain branches of national law and trying to expand its field of assistance to EU Law and Private International Law.

The lawyer Roberto Delli Passeri has geared their training deepening of International and European Law deeming branches of law essential for the regulation of modern commercial relations between companies and between individuals. In 2003 he specialized in European Law at the ‘University of Teramo. In the same year 2003 he published the article “Banks and Community competition rules: State aid to banks in difficulty.”

The law firm counts among its partners the lawyer Clorinda Delli Paoli, the arch. Stefano Vagner.

The lawyer Roberto Delli Passeri is regularly engaged in deepening and improvement on legislation and practices of the European Union Law and International Law through the attendance of courses and seminars, including international.

The law firm, is a member of Assosvezia (Chamber of Commerce Italo – Swedish) as well as Coordinator of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE and member of the association “The Trust in Italy”.

The professional activities carried out by the law firm, is given the protection of the interests and rights of the parties in both civil and criminal matters providing customer service and the utmost attention to the matter at hand.

The management of the case submitted by the customer is through the analysis and the preliminary study of the story followed by an opinion where information will be provided information on the specific case, any remedies adoptable, costs, to enable the client a full evaluation and punctual whole affair.

The outcome of the decision of the customer study will lend its assistance both out of court deemed appropriate to the case and agreed with the client.

In criminal matters the defense activities of the study is directed both to the victims of crimes to suspects, through the assistance of the person concerned during vaire stages of criminal proceedings.

In addition, the study also deals with issues of family law such as separation, divorce, adoption and foster care, with particular attention paid to the issues related to the events arising from legal civil unions in fact, the legal consequences under the lease of residential property , successions and every other aspect of daily civilian life.

The study is authorized to practice before any kind of jurisdiction both national and international (European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice, as well as before the national higher courts ..