The Firm

Roberto Delli Passeri started his business in 2002 with the aim of specializing in certain branches of national and international law.

His practice is aimed at protecting the interests and rights of both individuals and legal entities in civil law matters, and providing legal assistance and advice in the areas covered, customized to the needs of the client.


Roberto Delli Passeri provides legal advice and assistance both nationally and internationally.

In the domestic environment, legal advice and assistance are provided in drafting family trust deeds  to  protect the most vulnerable individuals (so-called “dopo di noi” [“after us”]) in the event of a generational transfer of a family business, or to deal with difficult moments that a company may have with its stakeholders.

Consultancy also includes drafting of fiduciary agreements [“atti di affidamento fiduciario”] and escrow agreements, particularly in regard to the sale and purchase of works of art.

Practice in the field of sports law is also carried out by providing preventive advice and assistance to sports operators before federal and ordinary judicial authorities, as well as drafting of contracts.

The art market is a further practice area where assistance is provided to all market operators in marketing works of art, managing and realizing events and exhibitions, as well as protecting artists.

Companies looking for new outlets in foreign markets seek the expertise of Mr. Delli Passeri for assistance in negotiations with partners and in drafting requisite contracts.